Civic Consulting USA

We power civic leadership and inclusive innovation.

Across the metropolitan ecosystem, we work with government, finance, universities, communities, and professionals from every discipline.

Civic Leadership

Civic Consulting USA is a civic leader on strategic implementation, sustainable operations, and measurable impact.

With expertise in how the ecosystem of public, private, and nonprofit sectors work, we provide on-the-ground program management. Through collaboration, we enable change to happen from within.

Civic Consulting helps leaders understand the problem, from both the social and the business perspectives. We then match relevant expertise to the issue, typically secured pro bono from among top companies and universities.

By bringing the best from each sector, we deliver meaningful social impact that is at the same time operationally and financially sound and sustainable.

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Inclusive Innovation

Civic Consulting USA enables startups, investors, and entrepreneur support organizations to drive growth through inclusion.

We believe inclusive innovation drives higher ROI: investing in diverse founders (often underestimated by mainstream finance) can unlock new market opportunities.

As a flagship effort for inclusive innovation, Civic Consulting helped design and launch NYCx, the world’s first municipal program to give diverse communities a voice in tech R&D.

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Sustainable Investing

Civic Consulting USA promotes sustainable investing and efficient use of ESG factor.

In the investment community, environmental and social impact considerations are often abbreviated as “ESG,” which is short for “Environmental, Social, and Governance” factors.

There’s an increasing body of practice and research demonstrating that social impact considerations can drive bottom line returns for large, publicly-traded companies.

In fact, it is now common for pension funds and institutional investors to say that ESG considerations are important for long-term returns in the public markets.  Civic Consulting works with institutional investors and firms to incorporate ESG factors into core investment strategies.

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