Alexander Shermansong

Less is more: How Chicago grew tourism

  With the help of pro bono partners, Chicago created a single, unified voice for all the great things you can do and see in the city, and tourism is growing.    Like many cities, Chicago used to have separate entities focused on attracting different types of tourists.  This appeared to make sense: leisure tourists […]

How can you give it away for free?

“How can you afford to give your services away for free?” People often ask me, “and why wouldn’t a company providing the service want to bill you?” A lot of people assume if you’re not charging for your services, it’s not worth charging for them. In fact, it used to be the case that “pro […]

Leading, learning and connecting through pro bono

Guest writer Melissa Neugebauer, Manager, A.T. Kearney, Inc., shares some of her experiences bringing business strategy consulting skills to a mayoral transition effort.   It’s refreshing to step out of the corporate world for a bit and do a pro bono project. There is a lot that the public and private sectors can learn from […]

“An exciting opportunity to help launch a new, multi-agency New York State efficiency effort” 1

Delays for customer service requests dropped 80% following a two-day Kaizen event I facilitated with a major state agency.  I was impressed by the support and involvement from very senior leaders in the administration who personally offered their time and commitment to make the project happen, right down to the front-line staff who exhibited a […]

When is it worth more for free?

“The best thing is, they’re free!” I blanched when my client said that at a conference. Here I was, on the same panel, explaining how coordinated pro bono teams enable government leaders to tap into the greatest talent available anywhere. How companies see so much more impact from this type of volunteering. And Jack, a […]

[handwritten] When is it worth more for free?

Frank Muller, Senior Consultant, Crust Young New York Inc.

“Results-oriented and apolitical — both gratifying and exhilarating” 1

Guest writer Frank Muller, Senior Consultant from Crust Young New York Inc., reflects on the skills he brings from banking and the benefits of pro bono service. The result-oriented and apolitical way Civic Consulting USA approaches public sector challenges has exceeded my expectations. Their stakeholder management is cautious and effective. They determine with a sharp […]

Imagine no more waiting in line

Imagine government without waiting lines.  Government where you were never put on hold when you called.  Government where you got a permit or license in a few days instead of a few months.   Well, it’s beginning to happen – and one of the tools governments increasingly use is a process called “Lean.“ Lean was developed […]

There’s a new way to change the world

Why isn’t trying hard good enough?  These days, we all seem to expect more from our lives.  Whether you’re just leaving college or about to retire, we want to make a difference. It’s no longer enough to volunteer on a board or at a youth center.  Of course, we still want to do that, but […]