How can you think long-term when you’re dealing with a deficit?

How do you upgrade millions of square feet of public housing?

Can going to public hospitals to get treated become a positive experience?

At the Meeting of the Minds, Alexander Shermansong moderated a keynote conversation around “Local Answers for Under-Resourced Cities,” with two of his New York collaborators, Karina Totah, Senior Advisor to the Chair at New York City Housing Authority and Steven Newmark, Senior Policy Advisor & Counsel to Mayor Bill Bill de Blasio – two forward-thinking government change-makers.

The conversation speaks to how pro bono services can enable city government to implement lasting solutions, leading to meaningful impact for millions of people.

“When you constantly deal with a deficit, the idea of trying of being forward-thinking and thinking long-term becomes more difficult to do,” says Steven.   “That’s really when you need to bring individuals that can cross those sectors, that can bring those agencies, external experts, and staffers together.”

See the recorded webcast.