“Results-oriented and apolitical — both gratifying and exhilarating”

Guest writer Frank Muller, Senior Consultant from Crust Young New York Inc., reflects on the skills he brings from banking and the benefits of pro bono service.

Frank Muller, Senior Consultant, Crust Young New York Inc.
Frank Muller, Senior Consultant, Crust Young New York Inc.

The result-oriented and apolitical way Civic Consulting USA approaches public sector challenges has exceeded my expectations. Their stakeholder management is cautious and effective. They determine with a sharp eye areas where an outside-view would add to the public cause. Then they offer concrete and topical pro bono services, with modesty and with great respect for the people in charge.

It is both gratifying and exhilarating to be part of a team with the brightest minds of some of the world’s leading strategy consulting firms.

Civic’s approach is to let each person and firm work on problems in their core strength, which maximizes leverage and enables Civic USA itself to remain agile and cost-efficient.

In my case my background from change management in the financial sector appeared to be very helpful in achieving public goals for New York City. I would encourage other companies to take the opportunity to work with Civic Consulting too: you can make a difference.

When they approached Crust Young New York to assist with an historic opportunity in New York City, I did not have to think long. Civic’s reputation from their work in Chicago was promising already.

I had come to NYC to gain international experience in the public sector, having an MBA background and working as a senior manager for a European bank. My work with Civic USA has been among my most rewarding activities in America. I gained a deep understanding of the way government organizations are run in the US.  I expect to be able to apply that in my career upon my return to Europe.

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