Civic Consulting USA enables cities to leverage pro bono services to get results with lasting impact.

As a nonpartisan nonprofit, we take on engagements designed to find new ways to solve old problems:  they are iterative and long term, thus delivering systemic impact, whether dealing with economic growth, housing infrastructure, or other urban issues.

We work across the urban ecosystem: government agencies, community-based organizations, global nonprofits, universities, financial firms, consultancies, and professionals from every discipline.

Our matchmaking model focuses on implementation and operations rather than advocacy.  Whether co-designing more efficient processes, upgraded HR capabilities, investment strategies, or better customer experiences, our teams create lasting improvements that matter to millions in the cities we serve.

Civic Consulting proactively explores the scalability of our work by creating play books and toolkits that can shared with other companies and cities.

We also act as a mentor to other organizations at the nexus of good work and good business. To date, Civic Consulting has helped launch similar innovation platforms in Minnesota, San Jose, Los Angeles, and New Orleans.

Civic Innovation cluster:

Civic Consulting Alliance, Chicago
L.A. City Partners
Civic Consulting Minnesota
Silicon Valley Talent Partnership
Federal City Council
New Orleans
Civic Bridge, Mayor’s Office of Civic Innovation, San Francisco