Civic Consulting is a nonprofit, non-partisan organization specialized in civic innovation. We design and implement strategies to improve people’s lives.

To do so, we aggregate and manage pro bono resources from top tier corporate partners to help government leaders tackle some of the toughest issues cities face today.

Our agile platform offers high quality consulting services, which are confidential, embedded, and methodically coordinated amongst multi-sector stakeholders. Leveraging highly skilled talents and diverse perspectives, our engagements are designed to find new ways to solve old problems: they are iterative and long-term, thus delivering systemic impact over time, whether dealing with economic growth, public safety, housing infrastructure, or other urban issues.

Civic Consulting proactively explores the scalability of such pioneering model throughout the U.S. by creating toolboxes, sharing lessons and opportunities with other agencies, companies, and government executives, and acting as a mentor to other emerging organizations interested in civic innovation in their own cities. To this date, Civic Consulting has helped launch similar innovation platforms in Minnesota, San Jose, Los Angeles, and New Orleans.

Civic Innovation cluster:

Civic Consulting Alliance, Chicago
L.A. City Partners
Civic Consulting Minnesota
Silicon Valley Talent Partnership
Federal City Council, New Orleans
Civic Bridge, Mayor’s Office of Civic Innovation, San Francisco