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Alexander Shermansong, CEO

Alexander is a polymath who helps cities fix things. As CEO of Civic Consulting USA, he enables companies to collaborate pro bono with mayors and get results.

Harvard’s Kennedy School called the approach one of the most innovative in government. When a city works with a network of skilled volunteers over the long term, they are able to solve seemingly intractable issues: doubling community college graduation rates, expanding transit, slashing sales tax, creating urban analytics programs, and turning around public health systems.

Alexander managed these networks for Mayors Rahm Emanuel and Bill de Blasio during their transitions into city hall. The White House selected Civic Consulting to work with economically distressed cities nationally. For his work replicating the model from Chicago to New York, Silicon Valley, and elsewhere, UBM Future Cities named Alexander one of the 100 City Innovators Worldwide.

For 20 years, Alexander has been advising CEOs and boards on strategic issues, from Oxford University’s financial future (which garnered front-page coverage) to creation of the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center. He even developed “Stanley” the world’s first museum guide for handheld computers. Thanks to this body of work, Bloomberg Civic 50 appointed him an evaluator of Fortune 500 companies.

Alexander also volunteers on many civic issues:

This career comes from an education in classics and computer science, first at Princeton then as a graduate student at Cambridge University. When he’s lectured at Princeton, NYU, University of Chicago, or global conferences, Alexander has illustrated how reading Latin, studying Plato and Aristotle, and coding are each relevant to so much in life – especially making our cities better.