Civic Consulting USA meets both the need for cities to innovate and companies to find meaningful growth opportunities for their staff.

Cities have pressing needs to address, often bigger than what government can handle alone, and don’t always have the tools to deploy and the capacity to change the way in which business is conducted. Civic Consulting USA provides an action-oriented, informed, and nimble platform to support public sector innovation from within. Our matchmaking model is focused on implementation and operations rather than taking positions on policy issues, seeking to scale change across large organizations and through time.

Doing good is good business
We identify meaningful engagement opportunities for private companies, eager to build their employees’ skills and networks.  Companies loan their best employees to pro bono projects who return energized with a renewed commitment. Public sector engagement creates positive PR and fosters a better business environment.

Pro bono means for good, not for free

Government leaders seek pro bono resources to address some of their most intractable issues, while avoiding the use of public resources on such prospective initiatives. Meanwhile, they gain access to a more flexible professional skill set and diversified intelligence to trigger organizational change and improve the delivery of public service to citizens.