Civic Consulting USA meets the need for both innovation in cities and professional growth with purpose.

The things we care about most – health, safety, education, housing, work – are bigger than any one organization or even sector.

For our cities to live up to their potential as economic engines, vibrant cultural destinations, and wonderful places to rear families, we need new approaches.

The new approaches must draw on the best of each sector – the constant renewal and reinvention of great companies, the impartial, multi-stakeholder convening of government, and the empathy and trust-building of nonprofits.

These new approaches must lead to the sustainable, equitable world in which we’d like to live while also being sound business and financial decisions.

Civic Consulting provides an action-oriented, nimble platform to meet these goals.

The professionals who participate in our projects build their leadership skills and networks. Companies are eager for their best employees to participate, because they return energized with a renewed commitment.